BloomNet® Diversity Program

The BloomNet ® Diversity Program is designed to identify and celebrate the many diversity-owned businesses within the BloomNet ® network. As a part of the program, members will have various opportunities to highlight their uniqueness, network, and inspire customers.



These are the official documents & the process that companies must use in order to be identified by one of the set-aside categories. The purpose of the set-asides & certification is to ensure that historically overlooked small businesses have an equal opportunity to federal & state contracting.  The certification process is required if you want access to opportunities on the state & federal level for set-asides in your category.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI):

Over the past few years, DEI training has become an essential component for businesses of all sizes.  The term DEI is used to describe policies and initiatives that encourage and value representation and engagement from various groups of people.  Research on this matter has consistently demonstrated that diverse viewpoints yield advancements, including financial improvements, increase in innovation, and greater team performance. DEI is no longer an option in today’s business sector.  DEI training is a way to strengthen your teams and ensure your business sustainability. 
Courses Include

-Recognizing Microaggressions -Unconscious Bias -Creating An Inclusive Climate




Live Certification Workshops



Busy Bee Certification Package


Small Business, Certification, & DEI Information

There are a variety of certifications available for business owners. Selecting the one(s) that best serves your goal, is an individual decision. Certifications are given on State & Federal level.


Approximately 80% of small businesses are non-employer businesses (solopreneurs).


According to the Census Bureau’s Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs (2016), there are 1,118,863 women-owned businesses with employees in the United States.


According to the Census Bureau’s 2016 Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs, there are 379,620 veteran-owned employer businesses in the United States.


We Make Your Ideas
Become True

Communication Wave LLC is a woman-owned small business  that provides each client with the tools to accelerate their professional growth.  We offer general and administrative business consulting, communication services, professional development, illustration/graphic design, and diversity, equity, & inclusion training (DEI). Our firm employs best practices and strategies that take into consideration the organizational culture of each client and their audience/customer.  We believe in taking a methodical approach that helps clients realize their objectives.

What our customers say

Trend Setters LLC


Communication Wave is a gift to any business owner. I had no idea what was even possible until I started working with them. Their customer service is outstanding. They actually listen and walk you thru the steps you need to take. The consultants are knowledgeable and professional. The secret is out because I’m telling everyone I know to call them for help with their business.

NBE Wax Studio LLC

(New York)
Working with Communication Wave LLC has changed my life and my business. They are knowledgeable, fast, and the customer service is great.

Smoking Sessions GA LLC

Communication Wave has been the true turning point for my company. Learning about available funding & gov’t contracting opportunities has streamlined our development as a startup business, and prepared us for bigger and better. Starting a business can be tough but having a knowledgeable team helps establish a credential heavy foundation, clear milestones, and business achievement goals.

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4328 Farragut Street

Suite AW129

Hyattsville, MD 20781


If you have any questions, feel free to contact with us

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